In the beginning of 1949 a government decree was issued for establishing of a Mechano-Electrotechnical High School. The first school year started in the building of the Woodworking and Internal Architecture High School on 70 Gladstone Str. 83 students were accepted, to be taught in five specialties. From 1952 to 1957 the school became High School of Machine and Appliance Engineering and afterwards – High School of Mechanical Engineering- For its 50-th anniversary the school was renamed to High School of Mechanical Engineering “Professor Tzvetan Lazarov” after the inventor of the LAZ airplanes.
During the 1954-1955 school year the first school workshops were built and the foundations of a new building were lain. Under the principal’s supervision the new building was finished and the workshops – enlarged. In 1960-1961 school year they started hosting classes. For 53 years of existence the School has seen the graduation of 12 000 students, who have succeeded in various fields of life.
The School’s staff has always worked with heart and ardour. During the 53 years of history we have always been open to innovations, to teaching perfection. Our school developed and introduced of the specialised classroom system, which is now common in the Bulgarian educational system. The School introduced the output of complex production during school practice clases.25-30 C8M lathes were produced annually. The staff has pioneered the laboratory practice and programme education practice. It is a fact that the School was a national leader for 18 years, and from 1962 was announced as exemplary. In 1970 the school hosted a science-practice conference on education. The teaching is performed by a wide circle of specialists the fields of machine engineering and transport. Our school has always moved with the times, and therefore has constantly modified the set of specialties and professions by which students have been prepared. In accordance to the law for professional education and training from 2003 with the RD-09-332 / 07.04.2003 decree of the Minister of MES our school was renamed to Professional High School of Mechanical Engineering “Professor Tzvetan Lazarov”.
During the last school year 967 students were taught in 11 specialties. We are the only institution in the country, which teaches “Airplane exploitation and repair” /AER/ and “Radio-electric equipment of flying mechanisms” /REEFM/. We are proud with our “Automobiles and cars” /AC/ specialists. Apart from their good education and practice training our “Repair and maintenance of programme control /DPC/ systems” students master foreign languages as well.
Our first batch of “Machines and equipment in the light industry” graduates was in 1999. Our future lies in our talented young designers and technician-technologists of metal artworks. All of
our students are clever and ambitious, ready to face every challenge with straightforwardness and dignity. The well-deserved prestige of PHSME is due mainly to the work of our teachers – former and currant. They are excellent professionals, brilliant pedagogues, good, big-hearted people, who have always taught their students not only knowledge and skills but also high moral, and view of life, based on important spiritual values. To our teachers we owe deep respect for their self-denying noble labour,
We have stepped into the XXI century, filled with optimism for the future. We find strength in our achievements, our plans, and – the best thing we have – our students, with their youth, talent and brightness.
In the last two years the team of the school has separately prepared technical documentation for a new kind of school production – a table lathe “Masterbruck”. The trial series has already been completed.
During the 2002/2003 school year team successfully participated in the training of unemployed people on the PHARE’s BG 0004.03.03.028 “Professional Education” project. The profession taught was “Light industry machine and appliances maintenance worker” /LIMAMW/